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Lepus Lumen friends, family and co-conspirators…

Applegrove: an eclectic witchcraft and Wiccan-based working group and teaching circle in Sydney.

Australian Wiccan Conference: an annual event for witches and Pagans of all paths.

Caroline Tully: Australian scholar of ancient religions and their reception.

Combined Covens: a non-profit, witchy networking and community group in Western Australia.

Eris Elizabeth: artist, writer and youtuber.

Eryk Adish: magician and magical artificer.

KC Guy: musician, poet and storyteller.

Mount Franklin Pagan Gathering: MFPG takes place annually near Daylesford and is one of the longest-running neo-pagan events in the world.

PermaQueer: accessible Permaculture and ecological sustainability methods for traditionally marginalised communities.

Silver Birch Grove ADF: a Melbourne-based druid grove.

Sovereigns of the Golden Path: an emerging queer magical tradition, founded by Dorian Manticore.

Spiral Dance: iconic Australian Pagan band.

Temple of the Dark Mother: a queer witchcraft tradition for gay men, and men-who-love-men. Founded in the 1980s by David O’Connor, currently led by Ryan McLeod.

The Pagan Collective of Victoria: a statewide, inclusive, non-profit networking organisation, originally founded by Josie and Ryan.

The Wild Hunt: Pagan news from around the world. Josie writes as their Australian correspondent from time to time.

Resources for Beginners

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